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What types of projects have you worked on recently?
Some recent projects include the following: Aviation radar receiver, VLF antenna match, wearable broadband antenna, pet sensor, custom RF tag reader, cell phone detector, radio over fiber system, downhole sensor (oilfield), VHF pager transmitter, cable TV receiver, UHF radar response transmitter, UHF receiver, airport wireless surveillance analysis, 2.4 GHz down-converter, custom microwave frequency synthesizer, 802.11(g) transverter, FM broadcast site installation and licensing, Internet audio streaming protocol with forward error-correction, broadcast radio automation software.

Why should I work with Red Mountain Radio?
Quality engineering is both an art and a science, virtually all of our designs involve vision and creative insights. If your project isn't innovative, it is unlikely that it will succeed on the market. We're here to help get you there with the same commitment, respect, and clear-communication that you expect from your own staff. We provide a level of creative insight, personal attention, and interaction with your staff and engineers that you won't find at a larger design-house.

What do you deliver?
We provide complete documentation for your design and help you get the design into production. Deliverables typically include a Bill-of-Materials, circuit board Gerber files, firmware source-code, and a tested prototype. The right to use the design is yours. We also provide test data, pictures, and conference-call updates as your design proceeds.

Do you do work in other areas of electrical engineering?
Yes, in addition to contract RF and optical design, we design custom modules for your projects. We also offer Ph.D. level analysis and broadcast engineering services. (Additional services...). Furthermore, we subcontract with expert consultants in other areas of expertise (digital networking, packaging, software, etc.) when your project spans beyond our areas of expertise.

Will you work at a customer site?
We have a fully equipped laboratory here in Colorado. Most of our customers hire us because they do not have an in-house RF design lab. We are available to travel occasionally to customer sites for briefings, discussions, testing, or demonstrations.

How do I begin working with Red Mountain Radio?
E-mail or telephone us with a description of your project or other needs. We will work with you to clarify your requirements and provide you with a quotation or cost estimate for the work.

How does your billing work?
Design work is billed monthly at a flat hourly rate. Our Open Rate is currently $170/hr. Lower rates are available under contract. Terms for customers in good standing are Net 30 days. We generally use a "time and materials" contract for this type of work.